5 red flags which should know men on the start of the relationships


Men and women are very different and it’s very hard to argue, isn’t it? Ok, gentlemen, have you ever thought about the things that you shouldn’t do? A lot of men say that they know almost everything about the relationships and it’s very difficult to impress them with some information. However, men think more carefully about the things that should be done but they usually don’t think about the things that shouldn’t. Do you know why?

The answer is very simple, because we try to look smarter and to be better. We want to impress the lady and we want she likes us. So we read the articles and follow the bloggers and we try to get more information about what to do. Now it’s time to find out the red flags in the relationships for men. There are things that destroy everything and for men it’s better to remember about this. Here they are, arm yourself with knowledge and build the relationships.

Excessive jealousy is bad.

You will agree that it is very important to take care and to worry about the lady. But what about jealous? Jealous is a bad feature of character and this is the feeling that doesn’t help to build the relationships. Excessive jealousy may kill love so it is very important to trust. The strongest feelings are based on trust. It’s better not to control your partner and don’t ask stupid questions about her exes.

If you ask too many questions, you will be her ex, check it if you don’t believe. To trust her is a good idea because the woman won’t be with a man who controls all her deeds and life. Ukrainian and Russian women respect the partner and trust him so they are waiting the same attitude from man. If you don’t want to lose her, control yourself but not your lady and her life.

Leave ‘babe’, ‘honey’, ‘sweetheart’ for later.

When you start the relationships it would be great if you remember the name of the lady you are dating with and use it all the time. No doubt, she has the name, so remember it, you may ask about the short form and use it but only if the lady doesn’t mind. When you say ‘babe’, ‘honey’ or ‘sweetheart’, the woman may think that it’s common for you to call all the ladies or maybe you don’t know her name.

That won’t give you an advantage and you will look a little bit silly. The words like ‘honey’, ‘babe’ or ‘sweetheart’ has some intimacy and sacral meaning for the couple, these words are ones the man says to his beloved lady. So from the one had you may look silly and from the other hand the lady may take you and the relationships too serious. Think about this before using the words.

Admit your mistakes.

Have you ever met a person who never does anything wrong? That’s nonsense and doesn’t happen in real life. Everybody makes mistakes but the big question is how you behave and what you do after this. Be brave to say that you are not right and it was a mistake. The best thing you can do is to admit your mistakes and do your best not to do this in future. Foresee and prevent the situation and don’t do the same mistake again. Be patient at the same time and be ready to forgive the mistakes to the lady. Partnership and understanding each other is the great base for the strong relationships in future.

No talk about a shared future.

Don’t be in a hurry. Of course, it’s possible to feel that it is your lady and that you see you and her as a couple in future. But don’t be in hurry and don’t frighten her with too fast events. However, the relationships should develop but it’s very important to do everything step by step and to build the future together. Oh, one more thing, don’t talk too much, it’s better to do than to talk.

Russian and Ukrainian women appreciate deeds, the sweet talks are just words. These words and promises won’t help you to conquer the lady’s heart, you will lose her if you talk too much. All men know that women like to talk, so listen to her, let her talk and you will get more benefit.

“No” means “no”.

It is very important to realize when the lady says Yes or No. Don’t think that No means Yes or vise verse. No always means No. Remember this or you will get into trouble. If the lady doesn’t want to meet, to date, to communicate or to have sex with you, she will say about this and it’s better to take her decision and not to insist. Respect her choice and her answer and behave as a gentleman. You won’t be with her if you don’t listen to her or don’t understand her. Be patient and give her time to say Yes, and this moment will be very soon if you do everything correct.

Bonus tips from Russian and Ukrainian women.

As it was mentioned before Russian and Ukrainian women like deeds, they like to see the man in action. They would like to build serious and strong relationships and they are sick and tired of nice but at the same time empty words. This is the way the men behave in Ukraine and Russia. So a lot of women are looking for a serious man on the dating websites. For them it is very important to find a soulmate because Russian and Ukrainian women build the relationships based on love and trust. They will choose a man who will take care, support and have the same interests and commitments.

When you are in the relationships, remember about the tips. These red flags in a relationship men should know and in this case it will work and you will find your lady, create a family and have happy life together.

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