Anal sex is one of the most secretly desired sexual practices; you either love it or hate it. The first encounter is usually a decisive one; note that a good experience will leave you desiring more of it, while a bad experience will make you reluctant to participate in anal sex. Many men often fantasize about engaging in anal sex and for good reasons; besides presenting a fantastic way to experiencing excitingly unmatched levels of intimacy, a level escorts can help you reach new heights of mind-blowing orgasmic pleasure. When done right or properly, anal sex is absolutely pleasurable and delightful. To discover more intriguing facts about anal sex, read here.

If anal sex is a big deal for you and your girlfriend does not fancy or offer it, then you can easily find anal escorts in London who will guarantee you a memorable experience. There is no point in requesting any lady to reconsider.

At The Girls Discretion

In some escort encounters, it is not uncommon for guys to be disappointed when some girls refuse to offer anal sex, especially if her individual profile is labelled “at discretion”. There are usually a number of reasons why some girls may not offer anal sex with some of the reasons including the following: a man’s penis length or girth, the lady might be a little sore from a previous night encounter, or she simply isn’t in the mood to engage in the act. Some prefer not to engage in it purely for biological reasons, which you wouldn’t want us to spell out. Thankfully, anal escorts in London provide this amazing service.

Best Practices

Failure to prepare sufficiently means the penetration could potentially be painful, but if both parties know what to do, it could easily turn out to be an exceptionally pleasurable experience. The women who prefer to be penetrated anally will often enjoy orgasming anally. Here are good practices if you wish to enjoy the anal experience.

       i.            Foreplay

It is important that both of you are excited enough to want it so bad. Foreplay is an integral component of sex and the same applies to anal sex. The more excited you are the more likely she’ll want you to stick it in her ass. Play with her clitoris as well and open up the gates to heavenly pleasure.

     ii.            Don’t Forget To Lubricate – Very Important

Remember to lube up and make the entry as slippery as you possibly can. Just licking or spitting in the anus is not enough. Therefore, before you insert your penis or finger into her rectum, you must lube first and use lubricant specifically meant for this.

  iii.            Finger

When you’re clean, excited and lubed up, then you need to check that the anus is ready as well. Stick in one finger or two. If the finger slides in easily, you can go ahead and penetrate.

Since your typical A-level escort is an expert in this form of sex, she can guide you through the process, thereby ensuring you have the most pleasurable and memorable experience of your life, which will keep you coming back for more.

Beautiful Escorts with Radiant, Bubbly Personalities

If you are ever worried about any aspect of the meetup such as maintaining an erection for longer, you’ll gladly discover that the girls are capable of calming you down, thanks to their radiant personalities, sexy eyes, and tender skin that will make you feel relaxed and ready for the wild ride.

Besides that, Perslu values the privacy of every customer. For this reason, we promise absolute confidentiality with each engagement and the girls are sufficiently trained to make sure they do not draw unwanted attention to themselves whenever they are out in public.

Choose From Many Locations

The girls who specialize in A-level service are based in many different locations across the city of London, meaning you can easily arrange a convenient meetup in order to begin your highly anticipated anal adventure.


Since there are some underlying health implications of engaging in anal sex, participants should observe strict hygiene before performing any anal acts. Furthermore, men are encouraged to change condoms between penetrating the vagina and the anus and strictly wash hands after anal play. Thankfully, the A-level escorts provided by Perslu exercise great open-mindedness and are always willing and ready to take you through the exciting journey of anal sex. Perslu A-level escorts are available to offer you steamy, intimate pleasure, and memorable adult fun like you’ve never experienced before. Simply book your preferred A-level girl and get ready to go on the wild erotic ride.

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