Dating is tricky and more especially if your searching for fellow gay black men in the LGBTQ community. This is because of societal taboos linked with gay dating. For a society that enjoys defining and keeping things a particular way or norm, something out of the box or out of the ordinary is treated as a big deal.

Same-sex dating is considered a hush-hush affair but what truly matters is the love that exists between two people irrespective of who you are or your sexual orientation. Therefore, if you want to throw yourself out there and find your soulmate, there are a few dating tips you may want to take up as you get into the dating scene:

  • Date outside your type

There is no problem with feeling attracted to guys who present and look a particular way. At the same time, it would not be wise to rule out people just because they do not meet your specifications. Be open to all various types of men, and it will open you to more superb options.

  • Video chat before you meet

If you decide to meet a guy you met online, ensure you video chat first. Video chatting avoids the frustration that comes with having to dress up, commuting to where you are meeting and being excited to find out that you have no attraction to the other person. You do not need to video chat for a lengthy period, but a brief conversation should be enough to avoid the situation of disappointment early enough.

  • There is more to dating than sex.

If you want your relationship to last longer than a year, you need enough reasons other than sex to determine why you are dating each other. Sex is fabulous and fantastic, and healthy sexual life is essential, but as the relationship progresses, sex becomes of less importance, and intimacy is what keeps you together.

  • Avoid planning dates in advance.

The momentum and excitement that comes with planning dates slow down when you plan dates longer in advance. Also, when dates are in advance, other things are likely to pop up and eventually, one of you will have to cancel. You should book the first dates within a short time after meeting a person and the next day within a short time.

  • Discuss exciting topics on first dates

Take the risk and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Feel free to discuss controversial and exciting topics. You want the first date to be memorable and even give you enough reason to have many other dates.

  • Minimize expectations

Dating with success requires you to lower expectations so that you can give your partner attention and the opportunity to wow you. If the date works out, you will enjoy the surprise, and if it does not work, then it is okay since your expectations were not too high. Lowering expectations makes it easy not to be too worried or tense about meeting the other person during the date.

There are many gay black men out there, and there is one just right for you. Take your time to focus on yourself and take courage as you put yourself out there. Otherwise, all the best and hopefully, you meet the one!

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