Fall In Love With These Love Dolls


Defining love more precisely is quite hard. Even those who try still fail to understand all its roots and dynamics. Strangers can fall in love within minutes while at the same time, it might take familiar people decades to develop love between them. So, controls or influences all? Is it the heart as some people say or the soul? If they are any of these, do love dolls have any of them?

Real humans falling in love is never a bid deal. However, if it happens between human beings and a love doll, then interest falls in. It is not only one case featuring a man falling in love and even marrying a love doll – they are more, and others probably are on their ways. Initially also purchasing a sex doll was strange and looked quite abnormal. Today, however, things have taken developed a different perception. From being just sex tools, people nowadays call them husbands and wives.

Before going further with this discussion on how who or where let’s find out reasons as to why people fall in love with love dolls.

  1. Companionship

The best love dolls tend to offer more fun being with than real human beings. Masayuki Ozaki, a Japanese physiotherapist, living with his wife and daughter, decided to buy Mayu, her sex doll whom he considers his better companion. He says that after the birth of her first daughter, they both stopped having sex as parents. This state made him feel lonely. He still holds the view that Japanese women are selfish and cold-hearted. He says Manyu always smiles at him whenever he comes in from job.

  1. Sexual Satisfaction

Just like in real relationship, partners who play excellent and satisfactory sex still feel so attached. If you have your either your love doll getting you to attain your orgasm every time you play sex then naturally you will tend to grow more fond of them.

  1. Lousy perception of people of the opposite sex

Some people have gone through painful and rough paths in their love relationship in marriage and even dating. Physical injuries are quite easy to heal but not for emotion ones. Most people like Masayuki Ozaki, it is their past experiences in love life that makes them see love relationship quite differently. It is out of these frustrations that they resort in falling in love with these love dolls.

  1. Easy to handle

Handling a love doll comes with little to no cost at all. Real people will, however, need you to spend lots of your time, money, and persuasions to have them love you back or if not so, be at least in a stable relationship. The TPE sex dolls care will only need cleaning with suitable detergents. You can exchange their clothes for new ones only when you like it.


Falling in love between humans and love dolls is quite common in men. Not that women can find any best male sex doll around, but is more like they are not sex aggregates like men. However, that does not mean that no woman out there has fallen in love with her love doll. There could be but not so many people do not know yet. Falling in love with a doll is not a crime. However, let it be for a better reason.

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