How to improve your relationship with Kamasutra


You might have probably been hearing Kamasutra with absolutely no idea what it means; it’s not a stigma. We were all like that at some point, but with information as the ones in these writings have helped eighteen us, you’d also be much more enlightened. The Kamasutra is simply a sex guide every individual should have in their archive. With the Kamasutra, you are not only expected to enjoy sex but to understand how to pleasure your partner and becoming better sexually. Although Kamasutra teaches sexual position and tips, it’s so much more than that when used right. So, if you want to become an excellent lover, you might want to study the Kamasutra with open-mindedness not just to sexual pleasure but to other properties of love.

How can Kamasutra help you improve your relationship?

As mentioned above, the Kamasutra is more than a sex guide or a book to seek out sexual positions. The Kamasutra could act as a sex therapist and help improve your relationship and make it stronger. Here are some of the ways Kamasutra can help you in your relationship.

● Helps you focus on living a healthy and balanced sex life:

DO you know that before your sex life can be balanced and blissful, you and your partner must first live a healthy and balanced life? Yes, you are probably hearing this for the first time, and it’s great! Most of what you see in animated porn are imagination and someone’s fantasies, which differentiates the Kamasutra from watching porn. Although you get to learn different sex positions and gain mastery with watching porn, the Kamasutra offers more and the chance of becoming a better lover not just on bed alone but outside bed.

● Helps you understand your partner better:

Understanding your partner is not what you can achieve in a week, month or day. It could take years before you can be fully convinced that you understand your partner to an extent. With the Kamasutra, you can speed up the rate at which you rapport with your partner. Understanding what your partner wants when having sex is one of the most complex aspects of being in a relationship. While some ladies are comfortable being vocal with their emotions, some don’t just find it amusing. So, peradventure your partner doesn’t enjoy a particular sexual act, and you constantly do them, the relationship is heading for ruins. However, with your understanding of the Kamasutra, you’d have been exposed to what ladies would love to experience during romance or sexual pleasures. Again, the Kamasutra teaches you even more than what porn will let you in on.

● It’s never gender bias:

Unlike reading regular sexual novels or guides, the Kamasutra isn’t gender bias. Some animated porn are such that they follow fantasies and, most times, fantasies of the animator or the producers. In this case, the animator might prefer bondage sex or include some kinkies based on his preference. Kamasutra, on the other hand, is general, as it gives tips on how to make your man feels much more comfortable with you. It also explains what the ladies want from their men and how they loved to be pleasured. If there’s anything, the Kamasutra should be compared to “A-Z in English.

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