Improving Your Personal and Sexual Wellness


Improving Your Personal and Sexual Wellness | Verishop

One of the most pressing priorities in our health-conscious society is finding and establishing healthy patterns of self-care. When most experts stress strategies that focus on mindfulness, meditation, and even yoga, few explore how establishing sexual wellness may actually be great for your body, mind, and sense of overall well-being. 

Key among these strategies is maintaining a healthy sex life – both with your sexual partner and even when you are all alone. Whether you choose to use personal sex toys such as the maude vibrator in the company of a partner or when you are on your own, but nonetheless in the mood, we have got a list of reasons why you should think of sexual wellness when you are finding ways to increase personal wellness.

Normalizing Self-Pleasure

One of the most important outcomes that can come from being sexually active, curious and exploratory is that you will have a healthy way of learning about all the intricate and important details about your body and what makes you tick. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to start off with self-pleasure – whether you choose to masturbate or bring a sex toy or tool along for help. 

While our society sometimes socializes us to believe that pursuing self-pleasure is taboo or morally wrong, experts remind us that masturbation is a perfectly normal act, and perhaps the safest way to generate sexual pleasure given that there is no risk of pregnancy or contracting a sexually transmitted infection or disease.

Understanding Your Body and Communicating Your Needs

Aside from the element of safety, masturbation can also help you understand what you like and do not like when it comes to being sexually stimulated. The good news is that once you have explored your body in this way on your own, you will be better able to explain to your sex partner what turns you on. 

The added bonus is that having this knowledge and then explaining it to your partner will also lead to a level of comfort when it comes to talking about sex that is also likely to benefit your ability to communicate in your relationship. Better communication means that you will be better able to explain your desires, needs, expectations, and limits – both when it comes to sex and any issue aside from sex.

Reduce Stress and Pain

Like the act of sexual intercourse, engaging in the pleasure that centers your needs can have a tremendous effect in terms of reducing your stress levels and instances of chronic pain. If you suffer from stress and anxiety, or you have issues with chronic pain and headaches, experts argue that self-pleasure can actually help you lower stress indicators, ensure that you have better and longer rest when sleeping, and even ward off the pain in the form of body pain, cramps that come as a result of menstruation and even headaches.

Experts remind us that when we experience an orgasm, our bodies release endorphins, which are “feel-good chemicals” that are released in your brain. These chemicals are nature’s painkiller and a great way to avoid taking over the counter or behind the counter medications.

Self-Pleasure Safely

Even though self-pleasure is much safer than engaging in sexual activity with a partner, there still can be some risk, particularly if you are using a sex toy to heighten arousal. Experts caution that if you do use a sex toy – that is, sex toys that you are sharing with another – it is especially important that you use condoms on the toy while doing so. Aside from using a condom, it is also important to clean any shared items before receiving or returning them.

If you prefer to masturbate alongside your partner, or with their help, it is also important to ensure cleanliness to prevent the transmission of any sexually transmitted infections or diseases. Whether you are touching one another’s genitals, rubbing your genitals against one another, or fluid bonding, make sure that you wash your hands – especially before you touch your own genitals again.

Remember Comfort

All this talk of safety can quickly lead to forgetting that comfort is also of grave importance when you are working to ensure sexual wellness. Self-pleasure, if not done correctly, can cause irritation or infections, especially if your body is sensitive to how you self-pleasure or the items you use to do so. To prevent any irritation, friction or irritation, there are an array of items to ensure a pleasurable moment of self-pleasure such as scented oils, lotions, and scented and flavored lubricants.

When thinking of sexual wellness, remember that knowing and investing in pleasuring yourself is just as important as is receiving pleasure with the help of another. Not only can self-pleasure help in ways that are obviously beneficial, such as reducing stress, anxiety, and pain, it can also help increase your love for your body and your understanding of it and what gives you arousal and pleasure.

Being more deeply connected to your body can have mutual benefits for your partner, who will better know how to pleasure you sexually and meet other needs and desires outside of the bedroom.

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