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The Kama Sutra has been interpreted more as a book that shows sex position or pornography. But actually the Kama Sutra is interpreted not only physically, it is not a porn book at all. The Kama Sutra is believed to have been composed on the basis of the Vedas, the holy book of Hinduism. Sex in the book is a holy act of man as a creature of God to give birth to offspring. A process of creation, which combines masculine and feminine cosmic principles. Kama Sutra is a civilized guide to the art of love, eroticism and enjoyment of life. This is not only guidance for a good wife, but for civilized women who are skilled, understanding, beautiful and intelligent.

In animals, sexual energy is directed towards biological creativity. However, in humans, sexual energy can trigger creative power at all levels, biological, emotional or physical. So, whatever is felt whether attraction, awakening, passion, interest, enthusiasm or even creativity is the result of sexual energy. The Kama Sutra teaches how to ‘nourish’ this energy attentively, feel it joyfully and use it for a greater purpose. The first formulation of the Kama Shastra (book of rules of love) was associated with Nandi, the companion of Lord Shiva, which was later written and stored in the form of the Kama Sutra wisely by Vatsyayana in the 1-6 century AD.

Kama is described as the third group of life. Kama is defined as the enjoyment of objects that correspond to the five senses of hearing, feeling, seeing, feeling and kissing, assisted by the mind together with the soul. During sexual intercourse, there is an amalgamation of flesh and spirit. Therefore, there is a pure and pure desire. Kama Sutra guides individuals to achieve spiritual happiness through playful actions. When there is playfulness, not need, sexual action causes ecstasy. Therefore, if someone cultivates sexual needs, it leads to many mental conflicts that ultimately lead to dissatisfaction. Therefore, the Kama Sutra is something very different from what has been interpreted so far. You only need to see a different perspective of pleasure and experience to feel that spirituality.

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