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It may surprise you to know porn affects the brain, just like tobacco. Study reveals porn effect the same area of the brain, and secrets same hormone when one consumes the drug. Porn is like a drug; it stimulates an identical pathway of neurons carving for more and extreme of the addiction. Apparently, porn and tobacco do not correlate. Smoking is prohibited in a gas station and certain public places as it can cause fire and potential cause for cancer. But porn is available anywhere. Smoking is injurious to health, the ad is all-pervading, but others come with no such caution.

Addictive substances like a drug, tobacco give a false signal to the brain. Over time brain unable to discriminate between a drug and a factual; it stimulates the reward center, as a healthy lifestyle would do. In the process, dopamine is released, which escalates the yearning for the fake reward. As long there is enough dopamine, longing for the drug will remain robust. Over time drug manipulates the brain, program it, which was not meant for. The consumer of porn or drug goes for the unhealthy practices as it activates the reward center of the brain.

The effect of virtual adult entertainment and addictive substances on the brain is very identical. The sensations are way apart from the brain’s reaction to healthy natural pleasures like tasty food, a tender kiss, or passionate lovemaking. After a delectable lunch or romantic rendezvous, you will feel satisfied. After adequate natural pleasure, which varies from person to person, the brain activates the inherent biochemical knob to off. The level of dopamine subsides after a satisfactory session of natural reward activities.

On the other hand, addictive substances keep on the increased dopamine level without giving the brain a recess. The more drugs are intake, the more dopamine flogs the brain, and the urge continues the up curve. Look at this site to know more about brain functioning.

One can spice up the sex life with simple twists and tweaks, a new sex position, a sex toy, or a new partner. The new features pump up more dopamine misting the brain, just like dug. This novelty what internet porn provides; there endless websites streaming fresh erotic images in HD quality, 24*7. There is always something new, more stimulating, and hardcore than before.

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