Narcissism Is Close Related To Adultery


Toxic relationships slowly become emotionally, psychologically, physically, and sexually abusive. Suppose you have kids around it, a parent`s duty to provide an environment for all the nourishment and love. Children imitate their parents; if they see their mom and dad are fighting like cat and dog and listen to the abusive words, the kids would be trapped in the same mindset when they turn adults. Continuing a toxic relationship is your personal choice as an adult. Still, it is imperative to remember if you allow your partner to use abusive words or strike; they will do it to your children. It is just a matter of time when they do it because they know you lack the courage to stand up and leave for good.

The leash of power which is crucial

One of the earliest serial cheaters signs are they are deeply insecure. To conceal this feeling of lack of confidence, they want to rein someone, even if they are unattractive to the spouse. It is not about the sensual attraction but the leash of power, which is crucial; they seek anyone to evade the sense of insecurity. Sex is not imperative; power is the crux point; they long for persons who are less attractive than them or highly desired by someone. Narcissism is a potent characteristic of these people. They are pathological selfish; if you see this trait, watch out for the upcoming catastrophe. Narcissism is close related to adultery; because they have no feeling for others.

Instant gratification is the driving force for their survival, whether it is food or sex. To pursue this shopping spree for pleasure, they create a mountain of debts. The high level of dopamine flogging their brain is what they curve irrespective of the subsequent consequences. D4 receptor gene is closely related to motivating sexual behavior, particularly unfaithfulness and promiscuity. People with long allele variants of D4 dopamine receptors are likely to be suitable candidates for adultery than individuals with short alleles.

A perpetual liar

A cheater is a perpetual liar; they frequently lie to cover up a mess. Often they camouflage their previous partners, life, and even professions. The lies, if found, would blow your brain; the flat-out lies are a weapon of convict card so that you would not walk away. The more you believe, the more the person lies; it becomes their next skin. Walking away from bluffers needs strength; once you gather it, you will be free from those convincing lies. The building block of a loving, trustworthy relationship is honesty.

Open your heart and hand.

A noxious, abusive relationship is exceptionally one-sided; one is excluded; it is all about self-gratification, inflated ego. The situation makes you feel spineless, worthless, hopeless, and helpless. As low self-esteem is another crucial serial cheaters signs, the partner wants to destroy your self-worth. Break the shackle of power; show your own worth, and open your heart and hand to receive the offerings of the universe. Once you walk away from these deceptive, callous persons, you will find your worth; your uniqueness. Walking away from an abusive, controlling relationship is the first step towards freedom, finding a beautiful, loving soul who will treasure you because of everything you are.

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