Penis Enlargement Treatments for Men


Every man desires to have a bigger penis and derive the maximum sexual satisfaction with the partner. For this, they consider adopting various treatments to enhance the size of their penis. The males in this process tend to become sexually self-conscious and this will adversely impact the sexual experiences. The size of the penis has been a cause of anxiety throughout history and across the different cultures. So one must consult the doctor or a general practitioner who will help you work out through such issues and suggest the different methods of penile enhancement. But there are safe and effective ways to increase penis size which you will find here,a blog which makes you aware of what is good and what is not when you go for penis enlargement techniques. Even though most people have adequate sized penises for a sexual activity they consider penis enlargement treatments.

The sex advisors prescribe that men should focus on how they go about sex rather than just the size and it makes you a better lover. Everyone is sexually unique and when the two individuals are put together none are alike. The male dysfunction must be treated as it can negatively impact the sexual function of the female co-partner. A study reveals how the majority of the men who underwent treatment fared once it was completed. After the treatment, it improved sexual arousal, lubrication, orgasm and the overall satisfaction between the partners increased significantly. Liposuction is the safest way to increase the size of the penis by removing the pubic fat or the protruding abdomen by the surgeon which was initially giving the illusion of a smaller penis. Traction devices are used to increase the size of the penile tissue by placing a weight on the flaccid penis to gently increase its length. The results suggest that the average penis size has increased by as much as 1cm-3cm.

Several males use Vacuum devices to treat impotence and increase their penis size. The vacuum device contains a tube that is fitted over the penis, thus when the air is pumped out it creates a vacuum to draw blood into the penis often causing it to swell. However, one must exercise great caution and care while using the devices. A lot of research is going on to determine the safety and effectiveness of the products and as to whether these devices can be used after penile surgery also.

Apart from the above males opt for penile enlargement surgeries which involves augmenting the size of the penis by injecting the fat cells into the penis. It aims to increase the width, girth and length as well in some cases. Another method is to graft cells from elsewhere in the body into the penis, which may increase the organ size by 2.40 – 2.65 cms in a year. But penile augmentation surgery does involve huge amount of risk and possibilities of side effects causing distortion in the penis size. While there are many products available in the market such as pills, ointments and similar products there is no scientific research available to support their use. It is better to use natural methods of more permanent penis enlargement.

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