Polyamory Review: Being in a Polyamorous Dating Relationship Is Hard


With today’s liberal views on love and relationships, everyone seems to be opening up about their sexuality. This is being said is the best thing people could do for themselves if they want to be happy.

Before, everyone was condemned to keep their desires and passion for themselves. No one could’ve known what is in their heads because almost everything was wrong. See more about liberal-conservative understanding of sex here.

The truth about the human brain and the sexuality is that there are so many forms of it, that it’s even hard to understand for the common person. One of these statuses is polyamory.

What is polyamory?

Deriving from the old Greek words poly meaning more and amor meaning love, it is a term that identifies people who are not strictly bound to one person. They can and do love more than just one. They are openly saying and trying to be in a relationship with more.

The good thing here is that there’s no jealousy and there’s no possessive behavior as monogamous folks have. The partners are understanding the situations and approve the combinations. Most probably they are in some kind of poly relationship themselves, so everyone is satisfied and happy.

Finding a partner is not easy

There’s research that claims about 4-5% of people in the USA are polyamorous. Around 20% of them tried this type of connection at least once in their life. That means a lot of the Americans are somewhat into this situation. Some of them are aware of it and others are not quite understanding their feelings and needs clearly.

Those who do understand are not hiding their sexual preference anymore. However, finding those who think alike is not easy. Polyamorous dating may be just like any other type, but finding those who think the same is not at all easy as it is for the monogamous people. That’s why most of these people turn to the help of the internet and look for love online on some of the dating sites.

Some of these dating sites are strictly made for the poly community but very often you can find them on regular sites, like OkCupid. The Poly community loves it because it is made for all genders, sexual preferences, and the options are huge. You can clearly show who you are, who your partner is, and still be able to find a great date without anyone bothering.

Keeping everyone happy is impossible

Being in a poly relationship is hard. If you’re monogamous, you know how hard it is to satisfy one person. At some point in life, poly guys had just one partner too. You can’t meet every expectation. Now imagine how it is if you have more than one person in the relationship.

The poly system is not necessarily a three-way connection. It may have many others inside and managing all of them is almost impossible. But, that’s the price everyone has to pay for trying to be as happy as possible. Some things in life positively give us chills, and the same things often pour a cold shower over our heads. It’s something we need to understand before we proceed forward.

Explaining the world about it is a true challenge

The world is conservative. They follow certain rules that no one knows exactly how they were set up and why anyone is bound to follow them anyway. However, everyone seems to be close-minded when it comes to liberal sexuality. Learn more about this here: https://medium.com/@christinacare/what-does-it-mean-to-be-sexually-liberated-516ed714dded.

One of the greatest taboos in the world, even though it’s almost the third decade of the 21st century, is still the sexual preference of people. The science clearly showed that every person has its desires and preferences when it comes to understanding partners and sex, but it’s still impossible to explain common people about polyamory.

Your family and friends will not take this information easily. Be prepared to face a lot of critiques. Realizing that this behavior is also normal, it should be easier to accept the fact. After having some time to calm things down and explain it more thoroughly, you can expect everyone around you to show their love for you and your new lifestyle.

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