The Right Attire and Look for the Live Parties


What do I attract to a sex party? Many women and men are asking this question when registering for the first time for an erotic event. Often one wonders, what do I have to consider in a dress code?  How can I dress in style and erotic at the same time? Which corset do I wear for which occasion?

In addition to location and type of location, size of the event and motto or topic, the prescribed dress code often provides a good guide, which event is the right one for you. A dress code deliberately includes certain outfits (e.g. fantasy, burlesque, baroque, military, fetish, lacquer, leather, latex) and others (e.g. jeans or street clothes). If you already have the seductive dream outfit hanging in the closet, you can also find the right parquet for wearing the special wardrobe. Here are the options for the LiveParties.

Functionality: Adapt your outfit

Sure, you cannot predict everything. An erotic evening should never be planned down to the last detail. Otherwise you may get unwanted pressure, which eventually dampens the mood. If it is not a taboo for you to drop the covers during the event, it is best to avoid overly complicated closures and laces.

A full-breasted corset, for example, creates an erotic-feminine silhouette and a rigorous distance through the wearer’s proud, erect posture. However, it is very expensive to open such a corset at an event and close it again later. It can be a real obstacle for the wearer and potential game partner. A more elastic corsage or underbust corset (which stays on) is the better choice for this project.

Clothes: Choose an outfit

In keeping with the ambience of the club and the erotic party, one wishes to experience a tingly, rambunctious party dressed up in style. For example, on an erotic palace night, the lady would be historically wrapped in floor-length robes. They are undoubtedly noble, but often not seductive enough for their own taste.

Material: Enchant with lacquer

The contrast between very feminine, classic silhouette and sinful material creates a great look. Wear, for example, a long skirt or a long dress with classic cut, but made of unusual material such as paint or latex. Even transparent lace conjures from long dresses and skirts an irresistible erotic outfit. Courageous ladies do not wear anything underneath and thus give nicely packaged insights. Alternatively, it is possible to make sure that one or the other point is not obscured, so that not everything is visible.

Shoes: Perfect your outfit

Straight men should be very careful to ensure that the shoe fits the outfit. Often boots are the right choice – with hot pants or shorts they are even the only right choice (unless it is a beach party). Men and women should note in boots, that even here the constriction and constriction can lead to a larger action. Depending on the location, this may be negligible. When the good parts stay on their feet, they offer great opportunities to perfect and seduce the outfit.

Problem areas: In case of doubt

Women have the advantage of being able to put together an outfit out of many different garments for the LiveParties. If the upper arms are too strong, the woman puts on a bolero. For gentlemen: In case of doubt, rather something more, for example, a uniform look. In addition, the well-known wisdom applies: Black makes you slim.

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