The Top 5 healthy Karma Sutra positions to enhance your sex life


Everyone knows about Kama Sutra and how much fun it can be if you get it right. The only thing is that you figure out is how flexible you are. That way you can pick the right positions for both you and your partner to enjoy. The last thing you want to do is sprain something whilst you’re trying to get into an overzealous wheelbarrow position. You need to pick positions that are healthy and, most importantly, safe! So, if you are looking for a way to spice up your sex life with your lover, here are the top 5 Karma Sutra positions that can enhance the passion of your relationship.

High Pressure (Utpiditaka)

Whether you’re making love to your partner or you have managed to book an escort in Earls Court, you need to try out the high-pressure position. This position uses chest compression to add to the erotic tension. To try out this move by having the female partner folding her legs into her chest before the male partner leans onto her body and wraps his arms around her neck.  This allows the men to take on a possessive role and can allow for deeper penetration.

The Yawn (Jrimbhitaka)

If your partner fancies having a lie-down whilst you make love, this may be the position for you. The woman spreads her legs into a V-shape. The man then kneels in front of her and grabs her hands to use her weight to help his momentum to start penetrating her. This is a great move for deep penetration and is perfect if you want to take on the role of a dominatrix. After all, you can tease your partner as they have to keep holding onto you to keep up the penetration.

Lateral Box (Parshva Samputa)

Are you after a bit more of a sensual poise? Not every Kama Sutra poise needs to be insane. Some of them are pretty simple and focus more on the passion between the pair. The Lateral Box is one of these positions. You just need to lie face-to-face and make eye contact. You can then grow closer and experience genital contact. This is one of the best positions if you are both feeling tired and want a rest, but still, want to enjoy some intimacy during the evening.

Fixing a Nail (Shulachitak)

Now, this position requires a bit more flexibility, but if you are ready to try something a bit more “spicy” then this is the position for you. Start by having the female partner lie on her back before moving one leg up so she is in a vertical split. The man can then kneel around her pelvis and rest her foot against his forehead before penetration. She can then change the angle at any time by changing her foot on his head. Once you get the hang of this position, it can be a lot of fun. But if it gets too complicated, don’t feel bad about taking a break. If all else fails you can go back to the Lateral Box.

Impalement (Shulachitaka)

Are you after a bit of female empowerment throughout your penetration experience? Well, Impalement might be the position for you. Simply lie on your back, one leg out to the side whilst the other goes vertical. Once the man penetrates you, then you can rest the foot on his hand and push back to determine how fast or slow you want penetration to be. If you are feeling a little more naughty, you can even try out some erotic hitting, where you gently tap your palms against your lover’s body. This can add a naughty twist to your evening of passion, especially if you’re in the mood to tease and dominate.

Are you ready to have some fun tonight?

Sex should be about exploring your body alongside your partner. Whether you enjoy going hardcore or you want to go a little slower, the more Kama Sutra you try out, the more likely that you will find something that is safe and easy to enjoy. Don’t base your sexual experience on how complicated the move is. Instead, just relax and just have fun alongside the person you love. That way you can get into it and keep track on the moves you like.

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