Top Reasons To Indulge In Solitary Pleasure


Masturbation is something that the society frowns at and so does religion, but it is not an evil act, it is one of life’s simple pleasures. Masturbation can be considered as the bringing of physical sexual pleasure, without the help of a partner, by stimulation of one’s erogenous zones. It is not only manual caresses on sex but also all the techniques that can provide sexual pleasure:

  • Rubbing against a cushion
  • Pressures and movements on a vibrating object like vibrator.
  • The friction of the legs against each other.
  • Stimulating erogenous zones with the jet of the shower.

They all allow us to better understand the mechanisms of excitation and improve the knowledge we have about our body. And the best part is, there is no one to impress or accommodate, you can do exactly what you feel like. Here are some of the benefits of masturbation.

It reduces stress

During masturbation, there is a release of endorphins, also called “pleasure hormones”. They cause a loosening of the muscles and therefore, create a significant relaxing effect. A less expensive way to relax than a spa package!

Your sleep will improve.

Masturbating before falling asleep would provide a moment of solitary relaxation for sleep. The effects of endorphins amplify the state of relaxation, to offer a double winning combination.

It multiplies the pleasure

Between us ladies, do you sometimes stay a little on your appetite after sex? The joy of masturbation is, among other things, to be able to have as many orgasms as desired. The multiorgasmic power is unlimited when you are going solo!

It is good for you

Masturbation with vibrators stimulates the heart rate, which is totally beneficial for the body! Some studies mention that it can even increase its rate up to 65% of its capacity, which is the equivalent of a brisk walk! And if you tend to contract your muscles during masturbation, you have an almost complete workout! Almost…

It is perfect for people in a hurry

According to some statistics, it takes an average of four minutes for women to reach orgasm during masturbation with vibrators. Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and in need of decompression? Give yourself a little four minutes of happiness.

It acts as a pain reliever

It’s helpful again thanks to endorphin! The hormone secreted during masturbation helps to calm the pain related to a migraine and menstrual cramps. It’s up to you if you prefer Tylenol or solo fun!

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