What Should I Expect After a Full Body Massage?


Imagine a situation. One works hard week after week or is always in charge of a hundred and one thing. One is so occupied with solving problems, that one doesn’t even have time to check their own state of health and state of mind. Doesn’t it ring a bell for you? If yes, it is high time to focus your meticulous attention on the way you feel and try to relieve the physical strain and to de-stress.

So, you need to relax and have a little rest, but how to do this quickly and effectively? Surely, you may take a leave and book a holiday in Paris, but if you are in lack of time and your holiday is a distant prospect, then you should think about a massage session as the fastest and the most efficient way to salvage the situation. In your case, a Full body massage may become that magnificent solution.

What Does It Mean, a Full Body Massage?

It actually means what it says – it is a massage of the key areas of your body from top to toe. As its main goal is relaxation, your skilled masseuse would avoid any unwished contact with the private parts of your body including the female breasts. The most typical full body massage procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Head zone. You may not even realize how massive and recuperative is the effect of the correct head massaging! It covers such areas as the temples, the scalp and the occipital zone – places where the tiredness seems to store up literally!
  1. Neck. The second biggest “storage” of fatigue in your body is probably your neck. After your masseuse’s masterful care of all its muscles including the nucha and trapezius muscles of the back of your shoulders you’ll feel a deepest relief and completely forget about all troubles of the day.
  1. Shoulders. Then it will be shoulders themselves and it may become the most pleasant proceeding during the whole session, as its relaxing effect is really strong.
  1. Back. Needless to say, how constant tension and concentrating on work and problems impact on your back. All the strain and pain will go after this step of the session.
  1. Arms and hands. Does it seem excessive to you? Don’t take it for so! Let your full body massage be full in fact and feel the difference!
  1. Legs and feet. Buttocks, thighs, calves together with your feet may be the final part of the session, but still very important for a complete recreation.

How does it actually work?

Traditionally, it all starts with the warming up of your body, more specifically, of your shoulders and back. Then the bodywork may go to your neck. If you feel a special discomfort in some area, no doubt you should tell your masseuse about this, and she will focus more attentively on this zone .

Then, the procedure runs from top downward through your arms, thorax, thighs and legs. Fairly often the session finishes with the complex massaging of your head. But as the matter of fact it finishes the way you want it to be finished. Your masseuse will never break the session until you feel your full body massage complete.

What Results Can I Expect?

After a full body session it’s natural to feel an overall deep relaxation in your body. If you feel sleepy, make yourself snug in your bed and resign yourself to a restoring sleep. On the contrary, you may experience a burst of energy and wish to be engaged in some activity. An erotic desire may also be triggered and this is absolutely normal, too. Anyway, the effect of the full body massage will be positive.

Thus, your body will be fully massaged with great care and in an expert manner. Do not hesitate to set up an appointment with your masseuse and treat yourself with this luxurious cadeau. To make it really special, you should definitely think of a holiday. Here it was a word about Paris, so, if you choose this destination you will never regret it with SweetTouch Parisian masseuses who are the real experts of all massage techniques.

Nuru massage is an intimate body-to-body massage originating from Japan. It involves the use of a special gel for a slippery and sensual experience. This massage aims to enhance physical and emotional connection in a consensual and respectful environment.

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