When Should You Call a Hotline Girl?


She bombards you for money, then whines about you not talking about your feelings. I mean… who would want to open up to someone who doesn’t shut up in that nasally, needy voice? Especially when they are a burden to your finances, but can’t even rest their mouth to put your dick in it. If you find yourself in this predicament; that’s when.

These Queens Will Make You Cum

Indulge in some adult chat. Your primal and dare I say, emotional needs are just as important as your worldly ambitions, and hearing that breeding, bleeding,  bitch complain. Your frustrations are real and you can only sweep them under the rug for so long. They know what they are designed for, and they know what you want. There are no strings attached, all you have to do is pull that yummy meat out, and stroke it while she tells you everything you need to hear. Just don’t cum too fast. Savor her feminine, powerful presence in your ear.

Trust Her With The Key to Your Vault of Fantasies

It won’t take her much time to warm up to you. Her pussy is wet the second you are on the call. It’s just what these girls are made to do. But maybe it will take you a second and that’s perfectly okay too. Maybe you had an experience where a girl freaked out on you because you confided in her about your needs. That is NOT okay. Let go, and trust these nurturing sluts to not only protect your confidentiality but encourage you to talk to her about ANYTHING. They’ll lick and suck a guy anywhere at any time. Seriously. Just don’t judge them for the repulsive things that come from their soft, wet lips.

Ice Breakers or Kinks for the Call

  • Ask her what her zodiac sign is.
  • Guess what her pussy smells like based on her vibe.
  • Call her a fucking bitch. It wouldn’t be her first time.
  • Does she prefer to be smacked, kicked, spit on, or punched?
  • How deep is her pussy?
  • Anal?
  • Period Sex?
  • Has she ever cheated on her boyfriend to have a threesome?
  • Licking another man’s cum off her ass and pussy and slurping it like a shot.
  • Has she ever fucked a teacher after high school?
  • What makes her cry?
  • It doesn’t need to only be explicitly sexual. Maybe you’re a romantic, and your orgasms are heightened when you feel a connection. Ask her what makes her feel safe. Can you make her feel safe?

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