Who is lonely?


Whether freshly separated or diehard single it is not to be underestimated what loneliness can do with them. Even in a long standing marriage you can feel lonely and abandoned. The time of puberty is one of the most volatile ever. You feel easily misunderstood and marginalized. The loss of the partner, the increasingly rare calls of their own children and grandchildren are cause loneliness. The danger of loneliness and isolation increases with age. So find a new partner, who is also single or have gone through the same situation, would be the ultimate choice and it is not illegal. Well, in that case Russian dating site is the only option you have.

What kinds of loneliness are there?

You make many superficial connections, trying to do everything at once and as perfectly as possible in order not to give yourself the chance to suffer. But you feel abandoned because no one realizes how bad you really are. What is to do now? There are two forms of loneliness.

The social loneliness

Here is a lack of social integration. You capsule yourself, have hardly any friends and you do not report to your family? This is the first step into isolation. Man is a social being. Do not suppress instincts that cannot be suppressed.

The emotional loneliness

You are missing a solid confidant. As a rule this should be your own partner. If you do not have one you are looking for this confidant in the circle of friends or your own family. Every person needs someone to whom they can trust unconditionally and who is there just as much as one is there for them.

Is online single dating is the solution?

Especially when something changes drastically in life you are in danger of getting caught up in the maelstrom of loneliness. Relocation, job change, the loss of a close person is the part of your loneliness. The latter also includes the separation from a partner especially if you have been connected to it through a long standing relationship. You feel lost and misunderstood and you often try to do everything against it to lose yourself in solitude. Yes, you need a partner right now and online dating is the right solution.

Conclusion: What is loneliness?

First of all you have to differentiate that,are you really lonely or alone? As a single you are without a partner, so without a direct reference person. Single is the magic word here. But you can be alone without being lonely.The cold months of the year are a veritable minefield for singles who suffer from loneliness. It starts in rainy November, over Advent and Christmas, on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day. But those who feel lonely do so not only in winter but also in spring, summer and autumn.

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