Yes, I know, fitness is a year round thing. It is a lifestyle rather than a short hit and run campaign. And, truth be told, if you saw me while I am working occasionally as an escort in the middle of winter you would think I was in damned good shape anyway. In the winter I do a lot skiing as well as a pretty full on gym regimen of weights, aerobics and yoga. So I am strong, stretchy and energetic even in the winter! But I let the food go a little bit and have a little more wine than I do in the summer. You cannot be in Tignes skiing and not have a good bottle of wine and fondue for supper. I need the energy to face the slopes the following morning! I look damned good in any photos I have taken during the winter, which is mainly my down time from working as an escort.

But during the summer, I look even tighter and hotter. In fact, I am often approached to pose as a fitness model during the summer, but I prefer not to mix my professions. Being one of the sexiest escorts Ibiza has to offer is quite visible enough. Mix that with being a high visibility fitness model with sponsorship, and that could be a nightmare. So, getting ready for the summer means getting my body as lean, fit and shiny as possible. While most women work to get bikini fit so that they can look good in their holiday snaps, that is nothing like good enough for me. To stay at the very top of my profession, I have to be perfect at all times to maximise my market value. Sound cold I know, but that is the way it is. My body is my product, together with my face, hair and styling.

So, the yoga takes a little step back as I increase the resistance and aerobic work. The Spring fitness season is largely based around a combination of Crossfit WODs (Workout Of the Day) and swimming. On a normal day I will swim around two kilometres, in the sea if I can because that uses more calories due to heat loss in the cold water.

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