Hotwife: A modern woman in a non-monogamous relationship


You should have come across the word «cuckold» on the Internet. Now it is quite often used in relation to a man whose wife has sexual relations with other men. This implies in some way the aspect of humiliation of the husband, while the wife has several «bulls» partners in the marriage. Hotwife, on the other hand, completely focuses on the woman and her pleasure, without the aspects of humiliation and subjugation of her husband.

What is a hotwife fetish relationship?

Now we’ll talk about this hot fetish, and then you can take a look at the interracial community, where there is a huge hotwife forum. So, we all know very well that at all times female infidelity in marriage was condemned, because a woman has always been considered monogamous, and only men are polygamous by nature supposedly since cave times.

But cunning women always found a way out and cheated on their elderly husbands right under their noses. Maybe it’s just time to recognize the fact that there are no absolutely monogamous women?

Fortunately, in the modern world, this has become much easier. Now there is a whole fetish that allows a woman to feel not ashamed, but a happy woman whose husband enjoys her sexuality and desirability.

There are couples who go through this scenario and keep their marriages and close relationships. In addition, men enjoy and actively organize dates with bulls because they are turned on when they hear about the infidelity of their wives or become direct witnesses of such meetings.

Such a different hotwife

According to research by Justin Lehmiller, among 4,000 men surveyed, more than 58% had a fantasy about their woman having sex with another man. Scenarios of such actions can be different:

  1. Some men like to be on a date, to participate in it.
  2. Men can hide to watch the action or watch through a video camera.
  3. Some men do not attend the wife’s date, but help her in preparation. They like to help their wives get ready for a date: he can give his wife a depilation, book a hotel room, buy a sexy outfit for a date with a bull. Usually such men like it when women told them about the sex that happened after the fact in great detail, and they also love photos and videos.

Contrary to popular belief, not all hotwife husbands are cuckolds. Nevertheless, cuckold implies some kind of humiliation and subordination of husband. In hotwifing both partners are equal, the husband adores his wife so much and considers her desirable that he fulfills his fantasy and shares her with others.

Hotwife lifestyle is not for everyone

If someone thinks that hotwifing is about a woman who has an intimate relationship with whom she wants right and left, and her husband is a puppet, then you are mistaken. This relationship is specifically about trust in a couple.

This lifestyle can improve your relationship in a couple where the woman feels the need for non-monogamy, and the husband accepts this and participates in some way. Hotwifing is not about cheating in secret from your husband and not about forced submission to a husband who wants to share his wife with all men, but she does not want it.

Hotwife and cuckold are relationships based on trust in each other, the ability to talk and discuss. Only mutual consent and pleasure from this fetish contributes to a strong family life and a happy marriage.

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