Proper Audience Etiquette Around Topless Waitresses and Strippers


If you’re keenly anticipating an occasion where you might get to experience a stripper or a topless waitress – perhaps you have the buck’s party of a good friend coming up – then there’s a good chance you’re probably counting down the days! For those not familiar with these kinds of entertainers, it is unfortunate that a lot of guys simply do not know how to behave around strippers and topless waitresses. If this sounds like a mate (or even you), abiding by a few common sense tips can help ensure everyone has a good night – especially the entertainers. In this article, we take a look at a few simple things that can help the night go as smoothly as possible without anyone being ticked off.

Tips to get you on your best behaviour

Even if your mates told you that the female strippers in Newcastle (or wherever else around Australia, really) didn’t mind audiences being a little bit silly, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Dancers and topless waitresses are typically on their feet for many hours at a time, often in very uncomfortable footwear, while also having to manage people and take care of their needs. So, when you factor in a bunch of disrespectful clients into the mix, you can see how their already difficult jobs can be made even more difficult and precarious. Common courtesy, unsurprisingly, is the remedy to being difficult. The best place to start with this is usually by turning your phone off (or switching it to silent and putting it away, as bright screens in dark rooms can be very distracting. Next up, as you would with anyone you were hanging out with, make sure to give the waitress or dancer your full attention wherever possible, especially when they might be talking to you. Showing off your phone during the performance may also give the impression that you’re secretly taking videos or photos, particularly if you’re coy about it, and that is the absolute last thing any entertainer wants.

Don’t leave your manners at the door

As with any service industry, appreciation, kindness and good manners are always welcomed by topless waitresses and strippers. This means that while lewd comments are sometimes alright considering the circumstance, it’s best not to just shout out anything that comes to your mind. Instead, provide some nice compliments that any person in their shoes would readily enjoy hearing – that they look amazing, they perform incredibly and that they’re doing a fantastic job. If you’re hesitant to provide this verbally, you might instead consider providing some tips, as these will also readily demonstrate that you’re having a good time and that the stripper or topless waitress is doing a great job.

Staying on your best behaviour is ideal for everyone

It’s never a bad idea to keep in mind that the service of an entertainer, whether they be a topless waitress or a stripper, is that they’re investing time and energy trying to entertain you, and that demands a little bit of respect. This includes time spent before and after show preparing and winding down, so please make sure to treat these professionals as they should be: in a professional manner.

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