The Best Relationship Advice… Seriously


Crushing on someone can be a challenge since you would wish for them to make the first move; unfortunately, that’s not always the case. The only weapon that’s necessary to get the one person that you’ve been longing for is the know-how, whether it’s in real life or online dating. Having the right dating tips will most definitely boost your game. Women fall into this challenge more often due to society’s belief that they can’t express their feelings and wait for a gentleman to approach them. Here is an idea, if you like a guy, just ask him out. Once you identify someone you like, then make your move and make your intentions known to them.

Have a Pickup Line

Most people feel helpless when it comes to starting conversations with people they are not close to, but they want to have something special. Women tend to wait for the man to make the first move; however, men gather courage and go to the lady they are interested in. it’s up to your game to determine whether you will make your interests known and even get contacts from your prospect. A great pickup line is all that matters since it is an icebreaker. Gather the courage but don’t be overconfident in yourself to scare away the other party and use your best pickup line.

Getting Out of a Friend Zone

Often, people find themselves falling for their close friends and have a hard time figuring out how to express themselves. Although most relationships start as friendships that grow with time, we can’t ignore that some feelings are never reciprocated. However, if you feel friend-zoned and you have developed romantic feelings for your friend, then there are several things you can do to change how they view you. Looks are important to spice up them, increase your circle of friends, be mysterious, and confess your feelings to them. Though you might be rejected, you will have tried to show your intentions.

Build your Self-Esteem

Having low self-esteem can affect how you relate with others which affects your dating life. It’s important to work on your esteem by working on your social and communication skills. Take the chance to approach someone you’re interested in and be confident of yourself even if there is a chance you will be rejected. Learn to work on your insecurities since they make you insecure in a relationship that might hurt others. If you are coming from a toxic relationship, take time to find yourself and heal.


Compliments are a random choice of words put together by a partner and have good intentions of making you feel special when you least expect them. Since human beings are wired to generate happy neurons at a simple compliment, it will be good to surprise your partner with good compliments now and then. They make one feel good about themselves alongside other benefits. Compliments are a way of making your partner feel special, secure, loved and giving them validation. Ensure you compliment your partner frequently, let them know how you feel about them and be sincere; don’t just say it for the sake of making a compliment. Always make your partner feel special in every way possible.

Preparing for a First Date

Going on a first date can be thrilling since you don’t know what to expect. You should get your guard up and work on your best looks and self-esteem. Prepare in advance and confirm whether all the arrangements are in place. Work on your confidence; you can choose to do some exercise while listening to your favorite music. Ensure you’re well-groomed before stepping out for the date. Let your date feel comfortable around you, but the most important rule is always to be yourself. Be attentive and weigh out your words before speaking.

Ideas for a First Date

First dates are either deal-breakers or makers since they determine the relationship’s direction. How well you plan the first date highly depends on your interests, and you should make it fun and memorable. The planning should include both parties to ensure they both enjoy it. Make the most of the date and get to know the other person better. Several ideas are exciting for first-time dating, picnics, adventures, bowling, or road trip ideas.

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